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Thank you for visiting our merch page. We have a few items available for you, and you may be pleased to know that you purchase here today goes directly to helping keep our music alive. Thanks for your support.

Receive a FREE STICKER with any purchase, for a limited time only!
album.jpg Qualia
The Debut album, recorded in 2010. With this purchase, you will receive a freshly packaged Digipak complete with cd. Everything inside has been created with love and sweat, we hope you enjoy! Shipping Included!
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shirt.jpg T-Shirt
Our current T-Shirt that is only availible here on our official site, or at our nearest show. Featuring the album artwork and title of our debut album, with our name printed on the back at the bottom, to ensure those of us with long hair can still represent. Order one today! Shipping Included!
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packagedeal.jpg The Super Fan Package
This is it. The Super Fan Package. Everything a hardcore Lefthead fan could want, a stylish t-shirt of your size, and the debut album Qualia. This package deal brings together the best of our Lefthead equipment. Rock it loud and wear it proud! Shipping Included!
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